King Arthur & the Matter of Britain

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The Finding of Excalibur The Arthur of popular culture is variously a late Roman, a Celt, or a paragon of high medieval chivalry; a king, a general, or a guerilla warrior holding off the barbarian horde.

At the core of all the chronicles and all the legends, the seed of these tales, lies the shadowy figure of a leader who may have fought at Badon and perhaps died at Camlann, wherever those places might be...

The Quest for Arthur

The Monstrous Regiment of Arthurs by Thomas Green, at his comprehensive Arthurian Resources site. "A guide to the various theories that seek to identify the historical Arthur, both scholarly and popular. This guide presents a critical analysis of the various theories that have been put forward with the intention of helping the interested reader sort the wheat from the chaff, and to show what the realistic range of possibilities are if, for whatever reason, we do choose to consider Arthur a genuinely historical figure."
A Quest for Arthur, an essay by Geoffrey Ashe, at Britannia. And an Interview with Geoffrey Ashe at A Millenial Quest for Arthur.

Some Britannia content, including Arthur, King of the Britons, is no longer free.
Lucius Artorius Castus, Part 1: An Officer and an Equestrian and Part 2: The Battles in Britain by Linda Malcor explores the life of the late second century Roman officer who has been proposed as one source for the legends of King Arthur; at The Heroic Age.
Arthurís Death and Destiny, Chapter VI of Thomas Green's Concepts of Arthur at Arthurian Resources.
King Arthur's Death in Legend, History, and Literature, a B.A. thesis by Adam Levin. "This thesis will explore a small number of the huge mass of works about King Arthur and his court. It will examine some of the earliest materials in an attempt to discover the origins of the myths. It will look at one of the most important writers of Arthurian legend and trace a possible link to a real historical King of the Britons. Finally, it will look at some middle and later works in which the authors were more intent on telling the story than they were in keeping facts straight. "
Arthur's Name, a paper presented to the Celtic Studies Association of North America by Toby D. Griffen, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
The Truth of Arthur, a survey article by Melissa Snell at About.com.
King Arthur at Britannia, the site index from David Nash Ford, creator of the Early British Kingdoms. Features essays, genealogies, references. Some links are no longer free.
Was Arthur a king or just a battle commander? Answers from history and legend, at King Arthur: A Man for the Ages.
King Arthur, background and text links at the Camelot Project. New !

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