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Paula Kate Marmor is the creator and editor of Legends. By avocation she is a graphic designer and essayist with a passion for historic costume, swashbucklers, and fantasy fiction. She was a designer and contributor to the Fantasy Association newsletter Fantasiae for many years and was the founding editor of Parma Eldalamberon, a journal of fantasy languages.

Paula was designer-in-residence for Renaissance: The Elizabethan World and Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603. She also created Elizabethan Blackwork: The Blackwork Embroidery Archives, a collection of free patterns based on historical sources.

She is retired and lives in a 1930s cottage in a woodsy pocket of the San Fernando Valley.

Paula is a volunteer metadata wrangler at Wikidata. You can find her on Mastodon @PKM@wikis.world.


Donald G. Keller (the essay Into the Woods) is a critic, editor, and the co-founder of the Serconia Press. He co-edited The Horns of Elfland: An Anthology of Music and Magic, with Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman (Roc, 1997), and is a contributor to John Clute's Encyclopedia of Fantasy.

About Legends

Legends was conceived, designed, and edited by Paula Katherine Marmor, who is also responsible for typos, graphics, and HTML. This site was built in Home Site between 1997 and 2007, and it still loads.

Many of the illustrations are based on originals in the archives at ArtToday, now part of Jupiter Media's ClipArt.com [www.clipart.com], and from collections available through The Scriptorium (RIP). Appropriate licensing fees have been paid for these and other source graphics, which are used with permission. Some public domain illustrations are scanned from volumes in the editor's collection.

Graphic manipulations were done in various versions of PaintShop Pro unless other otherwise indicated (see the Notes for detailed information on graphics processing and information on individual illustrations).

All material in Legends is copyright 1997-2007 by Paula Katherine Marmor, except the essay "Into the Woods", copyright 1998 by Donald G. Keller. Photo on this page copyright 2004 Glen Blankenship. Material quoted from other sites falls within "fair use" guidelines or is used by permission. Please credit Legends (and the original source, if any) when quoting from this site.

Special thanks to Glen Blankenship for naming the site and letting me hog the computer - The Editor

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