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What's New Archive 2004-2005

27 December 2005: New in Ballads & Broadsides: Two prose versions of the story of Tam Lin.

And in Erin & Alba, old and new Tales of Cuchulain, Deirdre of the Sorrows, the Children of Lêr, and Oisin and Niamh.
26 December 2005: More in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: Sources: links to John J. Dougherty's Arthurian Fantasy, 1980-1989: An analytical and bibliographical survey, and Nathan Currin's King Arthur's Knights site.

And in Fairy Tales: Many updates, plus links to an essay by Terri Windling on Red Riding Hood and new links to all thirteen of Andrew Lang's colored Fairy Books, in Classic Tales.

Paladins & Princes has two classic versions of the story of Roland from Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race by Maud Isabel Ebbutt (1910) and National Epics by Kate Milner Rabb (1896).
29 October 2005: PASE, the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England, is a scholarly searchable online database of people, places, events, and other aspects of the period. Find the link in Beowulf.
7 August 2005: New in Ballads & Broadsides: Facsimiles and transcriptions of Samuel Pepys' collection of 1,857 broadside ballads, with extensive supporting material; an 1896 collection of English and Scottish ballads with delightful illustrations; and two new sources for the Child Ballads. Find the links in Sources.

And in Fairy Tales: Three classic late-Victorian collections of English Fairy Tales, in Classic Tales.

New in Poets & Painters: Links to two novels by Howard Pyle: Men of Iron and The Story of the Champions of the Round Table, the latter with Pyle's illustrations.
12 June 2005: Loomis House Press has just issued Volume III of its "corrected" edition of Child's English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Find the details in Ballads & Broadsides: Sources.
6 March 2005: New in Shakespeare's Stories: Kristen McDermott explores theatrical superstitions through the ages in the Journal of Mythic Arts Winter 2005 edition; find the link in Macbeth.
2 January 2005: More in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: Find new links to French, Breton, and German tales in Gawain and Tristan & Iseult.
31 December 2004: New in Ballads & Broadsides: More on True Thomas, including links to Sir Tristrem, believed by its first editor, Sir Walter Scott, to be by the hand of Thomas of Erceldoune.
3 September 2004: New in Fairy Tales: More of Andrew Lang's Fairy Books are now available as hypertext, and we've added links to essays on Snow White and Cinderella by Terri Windling; find them in Classic Tales.
29 August 2004: New in Poets & Painters: J.R.R. Tolkien, a stepping-off-point for your journey There and Back Again.
14 August 2004: New in Fairy Tales: The Middle English tale of Sir Orfeo blends an ancient Hellenic plot, conventions of medieval minstrelsy, and Celtic notions of mortals abducted to the fairy realm under the hill.
10 July 2004: More in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: New translations of the Four Branches of the Mabinogion from the White Book of Rhydderch, with extensive annotations, in Welsh Bards.

And: "The Great Famine and the Collapse of the Pax Britannica" considers evidence of climatological catastrophe on the history and legends of Dark Age Britain, in History and Archaeology.
6 July 2004: New in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: "Arthurís Death and Destiny" by Thomas Green, from his Concepts of Arthur, and Linda Malcor's introduction to "Lucius Artorius Castus", the Roman officer who may have been one source for the legends of Arthur.

Also new: "Taliesin's Successors", Raymond H. Thompson's interviews with authors of modern Arthurian literature, in Sources and Stories; Michelle Ziegler's exploration of the similarities between the fall of Brigantia and the fall of Arthur's realm in Guenevere; and much new material on Dark Age Britain in History and Archaeology.
3 July 2004: A General History of the Pyrates, 1724, and The History Of The Pyrates, 1728, by "Captain Charles Johnson" (who may or may not have been Daniel Defoe), are online at last as searchable text and gorgeous hyperlinked facsimile images of early printings. Find the links in Pirates & Privateers: Sources.

New in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain: "The Monstrous Regiment of Arthurs," Thomas Green's guide to the various theories that seek to identify the historical Arthur.
16 June 2004: "Tolkien and Iceland: The Philology of Envy," an essay by Tom Shippey, author of The Road to Middle-Earth; find the link in Sagas & Sea-kings: The Northern World.
14 March 2004: New in Pirates & Privateers: Captain William Kidd, his life, his treasure, and his death on the gallows, and the ballad that made him famous.
7 March 2004: In Pirates & Privateers: Explore the metallurgy of the "Drake Plaque" at MIT, and investigate the accuracy of Elizabethan latitude calculations at Sir Francis Drake.

And check out new links and new sources for Grainne (Grace) O'Malley, the Pirate Queen of Connaught, profiled in a new Discovery Channel documentary.
29 February 2004: New in Poets & Painters: Online versions of the prose romances and translations from the Norse of William Morris.
28 February 2004: In Paladins & Princes: Links to four new versions of Aucassin and Nicolette, including illustrated texts in English and French.

And in Swashbucklers & Fops: A new translation of Cyrano de Bergerac, plus notes on the real D'Artangan and more online romances in English and French by Dumas.
22 February 2004: There are many new and updated items in King Arthur & the Matter of Britain, including links to an essay "The Influence of The Mabinogi on Modern Fantasy Literature" by C.W. Sullivan III, and new versions of the Mabinogion itself, in Welsh Bards.
8 February 2004: In Ballads & Broadsides: We've revised and expanded Border Ballads, with many links on Sir Walter Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders, new collections of border ballads, and updated information throughout. Also, check out The Oxford Book of Ballads, edited by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, in Sources.
2 February 2004: We've completely revamped and updated our Viking resources, including a link to the latest assessments of the Vinland Map. Find it in Sagas & Sea-Kings: Vikings.
27 January 2004: In Ballads & Broadsides: 305 ballads plus variants from The English and Scottish Popular Ballads edited by Francis James Child, and an essay on Child's legacy in Oral Literary studies at Harvard. Find the links in Sources.
2 January 2004: Yo ho! In Pirates & Privateers: New sites and new links in Sources, including an online text of Wolves of the Sea (Being a Tale of the Colonies From the Manuscript of One Geoffry Carlyle, Seaman, Narrating Certain Strange Adventures Which Befell Him Aboard the Pirate Craft "Namur") by Randall Parrish, and updated Blackbeard pages with the latest on the Queen Anne's Revenge Project.

We've also changed the layout of our Home Page to make it easier to find what you're looking for. We hope you like it!
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